Over It

by Highschool

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released February 6, 2011

Recorded by Bobby Leonard at Paper Tiger Studios
All songs written by Highschool



all rights reserved


Highschool Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Our Time of Year
leaves finally fall but there will still be ghosts at christmas. they'll take us back through our pasts and we'll say what the fuck was i thinking when i said that i was doing really well with you and now i'm nothing but coughing here. i know you're feeling a little bit under the weather but its seasons like these that make it easier to find out what it would take for us to be friends when we were never friends in the first place. we'll find out where we were until next season when we find ourselves again. unfortunately i remember not only times but places and problems and reasons why i've grown accustomed to them. what about the hurdles that i try to climb? she said "if your just using me to get over her that's just fine". you cant fix everything no matter what they say. i cant hide from your face in this town; i cover my tracks but somehow you find out. THIS IS OUR TIME OF YEAR I GUESS I'M A SEASONED DRINKER BUT HEY 'TIS THE SEASON. it's strange the seasons change so quickly back and forth i don't know which one i can stand, but you always make this easier.
Track Name: The Best Part of My Summer (Was You)
peoples wants and needs change. i hoped for us that it was'nt the case. we'll meet again in a familiar place. WE'LL GREET CORDIALLY or just walk right by or maybe spend one night. (thats rite) we forgot to rearrange as i watched you walk away from me. southbound on 23. you were screaming at me. we'll part ways in the morning because we've all grown and its already know it doesn't work the second time. the summers almost gone we've both said so long but we cant blame it all on "that's what we get". what we said doesnt go anymore. we can maybe wait for just one more weekend. (i know its not easy for you to stick around). she said she'd write me a letter; i guess she meant from her computer and it read "you were the best part of my summer but the summer's gone."
Track Name: Over It
i spoke my mind in front of all those present and even though they were your friends you couldnt finish your sentences. all i heard was fragments of what you were tryin to say when you couldnt sit next to me. TRUE STORY. i said i'd pay for you to get in but i just couldnt cover it. i said id bring all the cool conversation i just cant deliver it can i. just pick me up at Jacob's i'll be out front making an ass of myself, and thats just par for the course when it comes to what i do when i specialize in pushing people away. but i'll try anyway (i swear i wont make the same mistakes) to be everything she wants me to be( i'll try and be nicer to you) and say what she wants me to say (you said im only fun when im drunk) but im told shes just about over it. she said "im over it and if he asks you why you can tell him that i just cant stand it how he cant leave any of his friends out of our shit. she said "im over it and you can tell him that i just cant stand him" but i'll try anyway to be everything she wants me to be.
Track Name: Second String
i had a dream i kissed you in the place where route 40 goes over the interstate. i know it wasnt the first time you've heard 'that one' and you say "I wish you knew what to say sometimes." but i wish the same thing. its never that easy to say what i mean when i lie. i should have checked myself once or twice. we're not much better than any of them. we're not kuch better than we said we were. she said "you just wanna make them happy at the expense of your second string. i couldn't do things your way." then she said "all you said you were you werent" we're not much better than them.
Track Name: Bobby
true friends? when they depended on you; you found out its easier to run and make it out by yourself and spinning towards the earth you begin to fear the distance. no. dont fear the distance. now you're here as if i need the company this cant be the first time we've drawn this line while you're running around again but never seem to go the distance (my apologies dont mean shit). you're a lion and i'm but a mouse i'll pull the thorn out for you even though you put it in yourself. we're not the same though we appear to be.