You Already Know

by Highschool

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Sean O'Reilly
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Sean O'Reilly Great vocals, great pop-punk Favorite track: Second Hand Chapstick.
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released October 14, 2010

Recorded by Bobby Leonard at Paper Tiger Studios.



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Highschool Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Vicariously Offended
Here's to taking walks that last far too long and telling everyone everything before you've played one. You're still standing in his corner and you'll still ask me what you did, but its not what you did its what you didnt. Can you relate to what i'm saying? Its not what you did its what you didnt. Its mid july, mid summer time and im feeling like staying in at night but you're still running around all the time. Fresh out of suspension i thought i might come over and see you tonight. I finally figured out what i meant to say when i said what i want is what you want, yeah.
Track Name: Second Hand Chapstick
Well she said we were gonna hang out all day, but she was passed out by three and i guess its all on me. I know it didn't have to go so bad, i think about the time we could have had if we hadn't been so wasted. And were still friends and we can stick to that the drugs don't feel the same without you next to me. But I still take them for the taste any way, baby. And thats why, i got my reasons and you say why do i concoct my own reasons. My reason to let it go. Ill call you this time, we've all got names and numbers.
Track Name: In School Suspension
I know you like the sunnier songs, well believe me, its hard to sing these. I mean literally. And i dont know why but every time i try to dim the lights and set it off just right in here you seem to slip away. Now you're shoving off like you're sailing away from our home town to distant cities. I said we should go on vacation, but home where is it? We should go on vacation, but home was everywhere with you.
Track Name: Summer Camp
It begins like this. It chose us, yeah we didn't choose it. And we all say we're powerless to it. In the parade of changes, we changed. And now that we've changed we've been picking up the pieces that remain of what we've been given and what we've left behind and i know it can seem slow when sifting through the places that we know that we can go with hopes of better days. Its not for sale yet. Starting off again (i always knew what we had, we always knew it for ourselves) this time, we wont wait for things to arrive, we'll find them for ourselves. Yea, you just do what you're doin and we'll do what we can. Thats right, im just sayin. If you're just looking for a fight im just trynna find my way back home. (By now we should be everything we said we should be)
Track Name: New Leases
I hope this doesnt get weird, cuz if so new leases last a year, but anyway i hope you guys find a great new place. Chain wallets everywhere i really love the way your hair looks today baybay gurl. (From 15th to washington beach, you're so much easier to reach. ) But not for me, im used to you living right across the street. I miss it already. We're out of reach. We cant even conceive the distance or what it could mean but studies show that people can grow not necessarily further apart. I picture one bowl of popcorn, matching love seats and getting freaky. But what about when we find ourselves in someone elses shoes and i mean inevitably? but i hope that yours will always fit the same to me.
Track Name: Ghost Noises
Well her roomates all say she makes ghost noises in the hallways, and we're not sure why but could it be because her skins a pale white? or her eyes a paler green, or shes got a black cat named kitty? but anyway im freaked out cuz i could see her haunting the shit out of me. i think she might be a ghost already. she leaned in real close and told me that we're the same. What about me? I guess i might be a ghost already. I just hope your not the one to see me transparently. and past mistakes are (im wasted) complicated. Especially when we drink too much and we're the same. And complications seem to complicate themselves. How long till we lean in close enough to come crashing down? Out of all the conversations we've had I've found getting down to it might be the best way maybe. Remember when we said we're the same? All the certain types of affection you cant show.. i know its what i get because I've done the same to others. I may have done the same to you. Now its such a perfect time to be racing down broad street and im not concerned with physics any longer. Im not concerned if we lean in close enough to come crashing down. We'll write our own words, and we'll play familiar games.
Track Name: She's Just Not That Into Me
she said its gonna take a couple more conversations like these till she can find a reason why shes not tryna have a boyfriend but shes still hanging around me and all my friends but no matter what she says we're saying goodnight. no matter what we're turning out the lights. She'll remember all i said, she'll remember all i did. She gets hers i'll get mine not waiting around anymore this time. We're saying goodnight.
Track Name: Pool Party Death Trap
I said we should show up to the pool so you could see how all my friends are so cool. You'll be the only girl, and i know thats your favorite ratio. But i'd rather see you without them: your clothes or my friends. Some dont mind a little dirt in the pool or white trash waterfalls. You already know. She said "your band's name is highschool? Just drop me off." But we all rode the bus you're gonna have to figure it out for yourself. Cell phone's wet. Loud voices. You know theres no rules at all when you're in Kyle's pool or backyard. These motherfuckers are crazy. They'll fuck around and climb a tree like Nickcaree and just plummet right over the edge...but i'd rather see you. I know it can be hard to show up some places.